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Cold Appetizers / Please, ask the service personnel

Appetizers / Please, ask the service personnel

Artichoke bed in the sea bean / 6 kinds of olive oil

Cheese Plate / Served with dried fruits

Grilled Eggplant Cassorole

Halloumi On Skewers / Grilled halloumi with vegetables on skewers

Thrace Liver

Fried Calamari / Served with fired calamari rings and tartar sauce

Shrimp Stew Casserole

Shrimp with butter / Shrimps marinated with garlic and spice

Thai Patty / Thai style spring rolls

Paçanga Pastry / Pastry prepared with pastrami, cheddar and tomoto

Hunter Patty / Mince pies prepared with walnuts and parmesan

Grilled Mushrooms With Cheddar

French Fries

Potato Wedges